I have been wanting to get into the habit of including creative sessions in my routine more often. Being from a profession that requires creative thinking as an essential skill I find it even more motivating to get started now that I am in quarantine and need some boost on productivity. However, personally I have always been leaning towards the arts and crafts spectrum solely because my mom is an Artist and I am obsessed with having a craft room of my own like her. For now, she is generous enough to share her space. 😛 Art & Craft has always been an extremely relaxing activity for me. So here I am beginning this Creativity Series with a Wall Art I made and named – ” She Blooms

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April marks the beginning of Spring, the official blooming season. I have been taking efforts to make everyday as productive as it would be on an ideal day which led me to be inspired by a quote I came across recently. I guess most of you would resonate it’s hard to keep your sanity in such trying times. This is my attempt of not letting the anxiety take over.

“She blooms even when darkness engulfs her”

Becca Lee

she blooms wall art
She has grown a garden in her heart and waters the plants in her soul. Just like wildflowers, she blooms.
bloom in love

It all started with a newspaper article that featured a mugshot of a criminal that fancied wearing the joker’s makeup. Although, I am not interested in his criminal activities. I was reminded of the dark character of “Joker” and his quote – ” All I have is negative thoughts”. He is one of those characters that desires empathy.
Isn’t this period, giving us all negative thoughts? I don’t even know if I still have a job or not for the foreseeable future. I ended up cutting his face and that became my background for this wall art.

wall art she blooms

But growth is inevitable in times of crisis and we also know this too shall pass. We shall learn our lessons to take better care of our planet and our health. Strive for intimate connections with your family and loved ones. Analyze the difference between what we need and want. But most of all,appreciate the simplicity and blessing of humans most common behavior of being social.
This wall art is the result of the afternoon I spent making a list of things I want to get done before the lock down is over and “normality” is restored.

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