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By now, I am guessing everyone on Planet Earth is aware of the deadly Corona virus that has not only turned fatal for a thousands of people but also left a lot of people trapped in their homes, being furloughed or laid off. While one of the silver linings to this pre – Apocalypse phase is the obvious WiFi connection we are all blessed with, I have decided not to waste this precious time only to Netflix and Chill and focusing on staying productive. Although, you do you! These are tough times either ways.

However, if you’re left wondering how to stay productive while you’re trapped at home or just feeling over anxious and need some sort of motivational boost.. Here are a few things I am doing during this Quarantine Phase.


Staying Productive while you Quarantine is all about fooling your brain you still have a job to do. On a normal day, I am a full time employee with a fixed 9 to 5 routine so staying home means getting my brain to switch off the sloth mode in me. While I love working in my pajamas, I am not my best productive self in them. So I prefer to sway away from them and go through my entire morning routine like any other work day. Which means, I exercise, prep my meals, take a shower, dress up and have a quick breakfast before sitting down to get things done.

1. Read A Book.

Reading is always a good idea. I am taking this time to read books in my field of profession and the amount of knowledge I found helpful is unbelievable.
It takes up about 2 hours of my day which is usually the amount of commute I have to and from work. I study new trends, focus on soft skills in hopes I can step into the world more confidently after this is over.
Scribd has an amazing collection of educational, non fiction and fiction books for a monthly subscription. And if you are into fiction,your reading hobby is going to be like a blessing in disguise.

2. Teach Yourself A New Skill

I am also learning a few SEO Skills for my blog and doing some Online Courses that go with my profession. Udemy and Skillshare has been like a guide to almost all of my Marketing Skills I have learnt so far. There are like tons of classes on every subject I could think of. Also, I have finally got the dust off my DSLR and began using it. 😛

3. Teach Yourself A New Language

I have been struggling to teach myself French for a year now. I am constantly looking for ways to build this in my daily routine and will occasionally switch to the French subtitles while doing my Netflix and Chill Sessions. 😛 You will be surprised by the amount of words you will pickup. Passive Learning is a great way of not feeling guilty watching a whole season of Money Heist in a day when you have work to do! 😛
I also do my 10 minute Duolingo Session at the beginning of the day while I sit on the toilet seat so I maintain the learning streak and now I am addicted.

4. Learn a New Recipe

With the pubs and restaurants shut, we are all in a dilemma of fixing our own meals. I am not a pro cook and tend to stick to the handful of recipes I am comfortable with. I choose this time to explore new options and get myself to try out some new recipes. This is the one thing I know I will be thankful for when we are done with this phase. So stay tuned for some unplanned recipe posts on this blog. 😛 Of course, I am learning from my mum and they are going to be super healthy and delicious.

5. Get Organized

I am guilty of crowding my home screen with tons of icons and I am using this time to organize my digital files. I have also subscribed to Notion which is now officially my second brain. Currently in the process of making an updated list of my KDrama Watch List. 😛 Okay, I admit it isn’t that productive but I assure you, there is a lot you can do with Notion.

6. Get a Head Start On Your New Project

I am not telling you to start a really complicated project like a DIY Home Decor session because that would be predictable :P. For me though, it was finally finding the time to start this blog and getting into the routine of posting regularly. Working on my Youtube channel for my book blog. Something I know I will not have enough time left for once this is all over. Something I know I will be thankful for in the future. The kind of projects I always thought would need more time and effort from me. Now I have no excuses. 😛

7. Indulge In Your Favorite Hobbies

Mine happens to be reading for pleasure and drawing to keep my creative juices flowing. I started a journal and have been trying to build a creativity routine into my schedule.Being guilty of not paying much attention to them on normal days,I ended up taking an ink illustration class for a Sunflower. I was fairly happy with the outcome :).

sunflower drawing

8. Self Care

I am taking this pandemic really badly. I am anxious and feeling unmotivated to get out of bed on most days . However, I have realized it’s probably the lack of physical activity and currently putting in an extra 15 mins of workout to the day. Adding that extra long skin care routines in the morning, drinking lemon water and getting some much needed sleep are a few things I have been focusing on at the time being.

9. Reconnect With Your Loved Ones

If you’re someone like me and are guilty of not calling your friends and family enough. This is the time you show you care. Check on your parents, your friends and make sure they are doing okay. Chances are they are bored too and need someone to just have a conversation 😛
I do this evening ritual of checking up on one new person every two days and sometimes it just stretches onto a full blown conversation about their lives and it almost feels I am renewing endangered relationships.

10. Deep Clean

Apparently, staying at home has got the Marie Kondo in me REALLY EXCITED. So now I am getting rid of unwanted junk lying around my room, finding lost items and really having those – “totaly forgot I had this” moments. My future broke self is going to be super thankful of using the things I already own instead of buying new ones because I can’t find the old one. 🙂

11. Re asses Your Long Term Goals

At the beginning of the year I made extravagant plans of travelling to places and starting a new venture and oh well!. On a good day, it all seemed quite doable but now not so much. Some of them I need to re-assess and tweak my goals so I don’t end up feeling even more disappointed once this year is over.
So Yeah, the master’s program i was hoping to do is out the window for a while now. 😛 Also, buying a house doesn’t seem like a thing for the next two years. But.. I am going to be focusing on an online side hustle for now and happy to say I earned my first ever income for another blog I host. Yayy!

That is my little list of things i am focusing on currently. What are you doing to stay productive? Have you learnt anything new? It’s already a month into lock down and it feels it might extend but then again I feel it went by too quickly and I have so many things to get done now before I get back. LOL. Is it only me or is any one else feeling the anxiety build up to get the most out of this involuntary gift of time offered to us?

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